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What is a Letter Pack? Japan Post’s Mailing Options: Letter Pack and Smart Letter

Japan Post’s Mailing Options: Letter Pack and Smart Letter

Japan Post offers several convenient options for domestic mail: Letter Pack Plus, Letter Pack Light, and Smart Letter. Each option is tailored to different mailing needs based on size, weight, and tracking services.

It’s very convenient because you can post it directly in the mailbox without needing a stamp.


  • Letter Pack Plus (¥520): Suitable for items up to A4 size and 4kg, thicker than 3cm, with tracking and required recipient signature.




  • Letter Pack Light (¥370): For items up to A4 size, 4kg, and 3cm thick, with tracking.



  • Smart Letter (¥180): Ideal for A5 size items up to 1kg and 2cm thick, without tracking.



These options make sending documents and other small items across Japan both easy and affordable. You can purchase these mailing solutions at local post offices, and Letter Packs are also available at some convenience stores. It’s handy to keep a stock at home for ease.

Note that Letter Packs are not insured and tracking is available for about 100 days after posting. When using Letter Packs, it’s important to remember to remove the tracking number sticker before posting the item. And make sure not to lose the sticker.

You can track the number on the following site, so give it a try!

個別番号検索 – 日本郵便 (japanpost.jp)